Music Cataloging with Library of Congress Classification

Library of Congress schedule M was created for the classification of music and resources about music. Its three subclasses—M, ML, and MT—provide for detailed organization of and access to notated music, literature about music, and music resources that support study and instruction.  

Through increasing familiarity with the structure of LCC:M, participants will gain proficiency in navigating the schedule and begin to classify example resources. Continuing with an examination of some of the complexities of the M schedule—particularly in subclass M—and consideration of relevant shelf listing practices, work will expand into constructing full call numbers for example resources. Along the way, participants will be introduced to the online tool Classification Web, engage with documentation pertaining to LCC for music, discuss limitations of LCC:M, and recognize relationships between LCC and the Library of Congress Subject Headings and other vocabularies.

By completing this course, participants will:

  • Gain familiarity with the structure of the LCC:M schedule 
  • Attain proficiency in navigating the LCC:M and using related tools 
  • Develop the ability to class music resources accurately in LCC:M subclasses M, ML, and MT 
  • Develop the ability to construct full LCC call numbers for music resources according to local practice and user needs
Please note that this course can also be purchased as a part of the Fundamentals of Music Cataloging eLearning Bundle.

Kirk-Evan Billet is the catalog librarian in the music/dance library at the Peabody Institute of the Johns Hopkins University. From 2008 to 2010, he was a Fulbright lecturing scholar to Lebanon, serving as a visiting professor at the Université Antonine, just outside Beirut. He holds degrees in composition from Peabody (B.M.), the University of Miami (M.M.), and Manhattan School of Music (D.M.A.). After twelve years of full-time teaching in music, Dr. Billet attended Drexel University to earn a library degree. Active in the music cataloging profession at the national level, Dr. Billet is currently the editor of the Music Library Association’s Music Cataloging Bulletin and has served on various MLA committees and working groups.

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