Empathic Design: Learn to Apply Empathy, Compassion and Purpose in Every Aspect of Your Library

Recording of the October 11, 20213 Webinar

Empathic design, often referred to as empathetic design, takes a user-centered approach with empathy and compassion toward your user. Empathic design calls libraries to analyze and apply what users need with empathy and purpose and through visualization, develop knowledge and skill to identify the critical needs of your library. You will learn the importance of seeing the library through the eyes of others with compassion and grace, putting aside preconceived notions to establish a library that seeks solutions to the problems of the people they serve.

By the end of this webinar, the participant will:


  • Learn empathy skills that are applied to empathic design
  • Apply methods of observation and motivation to address people's needs
  • Apply methods of behavior to identify common problems and bring solutions
  • Learn creative tactics and practical application in implementing empathic design.

The presenter, Jennifer Blair, is the Head of User Services Librarian and Associate Professor at Azusa Pacific University. Her role is dedicated to the user experience, including marketing the library, and teaching. She has extensive experience teaching online courses in design and computer literacy. Jennifer holds a B.A. in Graphic Design, a M.A. in Education with an emphasis in Educational Multimedia, and a M.S. in Library and Information Studies. Her experience in academic and public libraries as well as work experience in art and design allow her to employ visionary strategies to enrich progress and enhance advancement for students.

Libraries aim to provide access and to help people. This webinar is for those who desire to apply empathic design to understand and share in other people's feelings and address their needs. Empathic design applies to all aspects of the library, through users and as a place of work. This webinar is for those that play a role in the library's user experience and/or staff development that desires to bring compassion and a healthier library both as a workplace and to make a difference to library users. 


This webinar will be offered using Zoom. Speakers or a headset for listening to the presentation are required. Closed captioning is available in the Zoom platform. You may interact with the presenter and ask questions through text-based chat. The webinar will be recorded and the link to the recording shared with registrants shortly after the live event. 

For questions or additional information, pleas contact Ninah Moore at nmoore@ala.org.