On-Demand Webinar: Build Better: Effective Library Project Management


This webinar provides a project management overview that can be applied to all types of library improvements that will help you achieve your system’s objectives. You will be presented strategies for effectively communicating your project goals to a design and construction team and will leave with the tools necessary to prepare a detailed needs assessment and project scope. Charleston County Public Library’s Project Manager Toni Lombardozzi, who has a background in architecture and construction project management, is currently overseeing a $108.5 million capital improvement project that includes small renovations to larger-scale new construction. Lombardozzi has spent the last six years on the project and will share insights into the cross-discipline experience of working closely with both library staff and design and construction teams and provide tips and tools on how to make this type of communication effective. This presentation is geared towards anyone with an upcoming improvements project, but the project management strategies presented can be applied to a wide range of ventures not limited to construction. Those that have worked on design/construction enterprises before will find innovative ideas for successful project implementation and those that are new to this practice will learn the groundwork for efficiently advancing projects.

Learning Objectives:

By the end of this webinar, attendees will be able to:

  • Successfully prepare a viable needs assessment and develop a detailed project scope;
  • Given a capital improvements project, attendees will be able to accurately translate project goals and objectives to consultants, design and construction teams;
  • Will have the tools to create practical strategies for successful project implementation within their organization; and
  • Given a capital improvements project, attendees will be able to effectively identify project deliverables throughout progressive project stages.

Who Should Attend: Attendees with upcoming capital improvements projects including facility upgrades, renovations, and/or new construction (not limited in scope or size) will find this presentation timely.


Toni Lombardozzi has most recently found her home working with the Charleston County Public Library on a $108.5 million capital improvements project. Combining fifteen years in the design and construction industry and the latest six years specifically working with libraries, Toni can share a unique cross-discipline perspective on the realities of translating library needs into physical spaces. She is passionate about libraries and the essential services they provide to the community and isn’t shy about making sure her team gets what they need out of a project. Staff enjoy working with Toni, often citing her high-energy and overall dedication as motivation for their own projects. Toni’s enthusiasm and humor compel audiences to stay engaged and laugh while they learn. Her presentations leave attendees with practical tools and a focused mindset that they can bring back to their organizations. When she’s not on a jobsite you may run into Toni hiking a backcountry trail or paddling her kayak down a creek, but always with a book in her backpack.

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