The Power of Manga + Anime in our Libraries

Manga or Japanese comics have worldwide appeal. Nowhere is this more evident than with learners of today! However, there is sometimes reluctance or uncertainty in school libraries to fully embrace the manga format, which is ultimately damaging to our learners and their interests in literacy. In this session, we’ll dive into various aspects of manga and anime - from basic definitions and genres to collection development and readers’ advisory to working with learners to start your own manga/anime club. Manga for different grade levels will be addressed. Learner voice will be included throughout -Anime Club members will be co-creating the presentation content! We’ll center why a strong and vibrant manga collection is essential to Shared Foundation Include and a pro-BIPOC, pro-Queer, disability-positive, mental health sensitive library.


  • Julie Stivers, School Librarian, Mount Vernon Middle School