Information Safety, Identity Protection and Anti-doxxing Measures for Librarians

Course Description: 

This on-demand course will cover digital personal safety in the face of book challenge related threats. It will go over the basics of doxxing (the act of releasing personal information about an individual with the aim of outing their true identity, embarrassing them publicly, or taking personal or political revenge.), proactive steps one can to secure their information online, what to do in case of a direct threat or the malicious leaking of your personal information. Also, concrete tips and specific tools you can use if this were to happen to you. 


At the completion of this activity, participants will:

1. Learn proactive steps they and their staff can take to prevent doxxing. 
2. Understand specific tools and how to utilize them. 
3. Prepare your library for book challenges. 


Tayla S. and Jessie L. are Boston area experts on digital safety and anti-doxxing measures people can take proactively and reactively.