No Shushing Required - Fun Library Activities

Course Description

Looking for some new Teen Programming ideas.  This webinar will reflect interactive and fun library activities that the author implemented at her high school during the 2021-2022 school year. This session will reflect four activities designed to keep the author's school library experience alive to the students and teachers as they re-enter the physical school universe but at the same time follow some social and physical distancing rules. The projects presented on the session are Book Tasting, Lunch Time Games, Book March Madness, and Giveaway Book Club. The presentation will contain a definition of each program and pictures to engage the audience visually.


At the conclusion of this webinar the learner will be able to: 
1.  Implement these programs and activities with their teens
2.  Create their own interactive activities adjusting to the needs and learning style of their students/patrons.
3.  Obtain some YA book suggestions for their activities.

Monica Lourenco started her teaching career in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. As an adult, she moved to the United States, pursued her Education doctoral degree, and taught students with special needs. Monica's passion for books, information, and literature inspired her to go back to school and pursue her master’s degree in Library and Information Science, through the University of Arizona. She graduated in May 2021. This is her third year as a High School Librarian.