The Library’s Role in Developing Healthy Habits

Course Description: 

Every adult that is part of a child’s life makes an impact - big or small. And the same goes for young adults. Adopting healthy life habits and skills is a constant work in progress, but imagine how different the world would be if we started this learning process earlier in life. Sports have a lot to offer - flexibility, motor skills, coordination and overall physical health. But they also lay down a foundation for life skills that we use throughout adolescence and into adulthood. These include leadership, confidence, resilience, being humble, respect, listening and so much more. In this webinar we explore how young adult librarians can incorporate sports-related programming that will help their younger patrons develop healthy habits from teachable life skills moments.


1 - Incorporate mindful movement and activity in a library space
2 - understand how to approach the mental health crisis and better support young adults
3 - envision unique programming ideas that utilize movement and activity to engage patron families

Speaker: Elizabeth Lee 

Elizabeth is a former children's librarian who worked in a small, but extremely active, community library through the beginning and height of the COVID-19 pandemic.