Utilizing Edelweiss Tools to their Full Potential

Most of us are familiar with the Edelwiess+ as a place to discover new titles, access review copies and stay connected.  There still may be a lot that you don't know about the service.  Deidre Dumpson from Edelweiss is going to walk everyone through the new features and some that you may not know about to make sure you are utilizing the tool to it's full potential.  

Deidre Dumpson is the newly assigned Retail and Library Success Manager at Above the Treeline. In conjunction with the work that our Support and Education team is constantly doing her role has been put into place to diagnose common pain points for librarians and ensure that whatever needs come up are heard and seen as a priority. Essentially, you can understand her role as an advocate for booksellers and librarians within Edelweiss+. Prior to coming into this role, she spent three years in bookstore managerial roles at WORD Bookstores (Brooklyn & Jersey City) and at The Dolphin Bookshop in Long Island.

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