Who Manages, Who Leads Part One

Who Manages, Who Leads: Part One: Developing your Career Plan

How many successful leaders and managers are “born” great leaders? A few, perhaps, but the majority become great managers with a combination of good training, strong mentorship, and a genuine commitment to lifelong learning.   

When you become a manager, it is hard to move forward in your new role when you don't know what to expect. This course offers practical working knowledge to help you confidently develop the skills needed in your new position. This training also reaches beyond management and begins to develop the skills you need to become a strong leader. 

This is a four-week self-paced, yet interactive program, requiring approximately 15 hours of dedicated study time to complete the coursework.

This course discusses managerial and leadership opportunities with experienced managers and frontline library staff who want to be in and grow in a managerial or leadership position. Each class participant will benefit from the course, discussing key concepts and best practices, interactive activities, readings, and including with a final project that to create a personalized career growth plan.

This course benefits front-line staff that excel in their positions and who strive for, or are promoted to, managerial positions. This course discusses managerial and leadership opportunities in between this spectrum, those promoted and those hired directly for such positions. 

By the end of this course the participant will be able to: 

  • Coordinate and highlight individual management experiences.
  • Learn how to recognize and capitalize on managerial experiences and or opportunities. 
  • Develop insight on how to move from a management to a leadership role.
  • Gain insights into how to better navigate career transitions and use practices of influence to obtain to desired outcomes from different team members.
  • Practice handling standard managerial responsibilities such as hiring, firing, and providing helpful perspective and feedback regarding staff dynamics and concerns. 

The instructor, Debra Lucas-Alfieri, began her career in library and information sciences as an undergraduate student working in the college library at Buffalo State University in Buffalo, NY. Her passion for information grows and now she studies academic and special libraries, their missions and operations, and their cutting-edge best practices. She currently works as a traveling hospital librarian, consulting with healthcare practitioners and scholars, providing research services to physicians, nurses, and other clinicians. In addition to hospital library experience, she has legal research and public library experience. Debra is an innovative librarian, determined to expand her horizons after serving as the Head of Research, Training, Instruction, and Interlibrary Loan at D'Youville University in Buffalo, NY as a 20-year veteran. While at DYU, she was also Faculty Senate Parliamentarian and Vice President to the Faculty Union. She authored Marketing the 21st Century Library: The Time is Now, published by Chandos, an imprint of Elsevier. She began teaching online classes in library sciences in 2012.