School and Public Library = Indispensable Partnerships

Collaboration between school librarians and their local public library creates a partnership of community advocates. These partnerships lead students to explore diverse perspectives and engage with multiple community contacts. Together these school and public librarians give students the opportunity to think flexibly and develop critical thinking skills that will be utilized throughout their lifetimes. Participants of this session will witness successful collaborative programs created in 3 different districts with one goal in mind: student success! This session includes practical ideas for collaboration between public libraries and school librarians. Participants will draft a plan to contact and connect with their local public library and finish viewing with a list of great resources and ideas. Session recorded during the 2021 AASL National Conference.


  • Maggie Unterseher, District Librarian, Weston County School District #1
  • Megan Bietz, K-6 Librarian, District Librarian, Campbell County School District #1
  • Richard Landreth, Director, Lincoln County Library System