Inclusive High School Library Collection Development Practices

In a school library, it’s crucial that a variety of experiences and perspectives are reflected in the collection. In this webinar, Emily Porter will share principles of inclusive practices in Urban School Librarianship in public high school libraries. She will explore simple strategies for increasing diversity and inclusivity in the collection and making these materials easily accessible to students. Participants will learn to place importance on inclusion when selecting materials and provide a place for reflective practice in collection development and genre-fying one's school library.

This event is offered as part of ALA Learning's Summer of School Library Learning.

After participating in this session, learners will:

  • Have several tools for highlighting diversity, equity, and inclusion in arrangement of books
  • Understand new ways of processing collections so that they can be identified and genrefied in budget-friendly ways
  • Gain new strategies for including students in the collection development process, having conversations with teens about what to purchase, and how the books should be made accessible.

Emily Porter combines her love for teaching with her love for learning. She has created some pretty terrific projects with students in Chicago Public Schools over the past 22 years. Ms. Porter's students have pushed her to learn new and interesting ways to integrate library skills into meaningful digital and analog projects. 

This event will be hosted in Zoom. Automatic captions will be enabled for this event. This event will be recorded, and registrants will receive access to the recording within a day after the event ends.

If you have questions or requests regarding accessibility, contact us at or at 312-280-5100.