Using Picture Books to Discuss Social Justice and Equity

Picture books are a common tool in early literacy development and the lives of young learners. They are pieces of art as well as literature—they are multidimensional, sophisticated, beautiful, and accessible ways to springboard important, relevant, and timely conversations around social justice topics. 

In this course, we will consider practical ways we can use picture books to launch discussions around social justice and equity. Participants will learn how they can select picture books critically for their students and learn cross-curricular strategies enacting intentional and ongoing social justice work.

Though your participation in this course, you will:

  • Learn how to select picture books for and within your collection with a social justice focus
  • Learn how you can start social justice-oriented conversations based on the books you select
  • Further your collection development skills by evaluating children's picture books for social justice-oriented education and programs

Rabia Khokhar is an elementary teacher in Toronto, an education and equity consultant at Rabia Teaches, a doctoral student, and a Teacher-Educator. Her research interests include equitable education, children's literature, and educator professional development. Rabia is passionate about bringing theory to practice and enjoys sharing her teaching, learning, and research to a variety of audiences and through her social media platforms.

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