Core Classroom: Your Supported Job Search


Looking for work is challenging and you don't have to do it alone. This course should help you clarify what you are looking for, sharpen your application documents (e.g. CV, resume, cover letter), find a process that works for you, and maintain your mental and physical health. Four sessions will provide a thorough foundation to both the practical and psychological elements of finding a LIS job. In session one, Your Search Parameters, students will get clear what they’re looking for and how it aligns with what’s out there. In session two, Your Strengths, students will get help documenting and communicating their strengths in resumes or CVs and beyond, including: Education, Experiences, Titles, Soft Skills, and Non reportable strengths. Session three, Your Process, will provide organization and support for the job search process, including places to look, strategies for applying, how to keep track of postings and practicing for interviews. Finally, session four, Your Well Being, will address how students can care for and prioritize their own well-being during the difficult process of looking for work. This course is appropriate for both new and seasoned LIS workers.

Learning Outcome & Objectives:

·        Improve their sense and ability to describe the work they would like to do.

·        Create or improve a customizable CV or resume that accurately showcases their strengths.

·        Build a plan for their search process, and know how to find help with the application process.

·        Learn skills and a plan for self care during their job search.

Who Should Attend:

Anyone looking for work in a LIS field

Presenter Bio:

Emily Weak (MLIS) is the founder of Hiring Librarians. She also currently works as the Saturday librarian for Chattahoochee Technical College and as the Equity Advisor Coordinator for the Networking California Library Resources Grant project. However, the bulk of her career has been in public libraries, most recently as Senior Librarian for Programming, Outreach and Engagement at the Oakland Public Library. She is proud of having driven the bike library for Oakland, having started the seed library at Mountain View Public Library, and having served on the board of directors of the California Library Association from 2018-2021. Before becoming a librarian, she was variously: a circus student, a cheesemonger, and a grocery store manager. She still loves cheese and does a decent back bend.