Best of Core Forum: Can't Find It, Build Your Own

Description: How do we share information and procedures related to acquisitions? We have documents, workshops, dedicated time in meetings in person or Zoom, but is there a better way to provide information and training while freeing up future time? While training can be time intensive, it is a necessity; what if we transition to self-service modules that can be used as a refresher at any time? Our information literacy colleagues have seen success developing asynchronous learning objects that can be slotted into classes, which can free them up to focus on more complex teaching and research. An acquisitions librarian partnered with an instruction librarian who has experience in the creation of asynchronous content to develop acquisitions based training modules. We identified a platform and used existing training and documentation to scaffold a selection of topics that were aimed at two user groups, Selectors and Acquisitions Staff. Topics covered include understanding the selection interface (GOBI) & searching, selecting, and evaluating items. The modules are highly multimodal--a mix of written descriptions, videos, activities, and games--to keep the material engaging and reinforce topics, while grouping similar concepts to allow for replayability and reinforcement. We’ll demonstrate and share how we built our modules, our preliminary assessment data, and where we plan to go next.

This webinar was previously presented in-person as a session at the 2023 Core Forum. We are hosting this webinar, with the session adapted and presented live as a virtual event, to extend its reach.

Learning Outcomes: 

At the end of this webinar, attendees will be able to:

  • Discuss the pros and cons of asynchronous learning in order to evaluate its appropriateness for internal trainings;
  • Analyze the trainings and/or onboarding offered within their department or library in order to identify gaps that may be prime candidates for targeted instruction; and
  • Compare the features of different learning or content-hosting platforms in order to determine which might be the best fit for their institution.

Who Should Attend: This is beginner level content, but can be of use at the intermediate level as well. Acquisitions departments staff will benefit. Attendees are also encouraged to consider areas outside Tech Services where this type of asynchronous training implementation could be useful.

Discussion Facilitators:

Cara Calabrese is the Acquisitions & Access Librarian at Miami University Libraries. She received her MLIS from Florida State University in 2015 and began her librarian career as a Resident Librarian in Technical Services. She has worked in various areas of Technical Services, but recently has focused on acquisitions and electronic resources. She currently serves as the Chair of the ALA Core Budget and Finance Committee, and Technical Services and Systems Committee.

Ginny Boehme
is the Science Librarian for Miami University Libraries and a past co-chair for the Library Gaming Knights Committee. She has previously taught a first-year research experience course on museological research and exhibit design, and is currently serving as a member of the editorial team for an upcoming special issue on Science Librarianship and Social Justice for the journal Issues in Science and Technology Librarianship.

Tech Requirements

Core Webinars are held in Zoom. Speakers or a headset for listening to the presentation are required. You may interact with the presenter and ask questions through text-based chat. Closed captioning is available in the Zoom platform. The webcast will be recorded and the link to the recording shared with registrants shortly after the live event.