Technology Competencies for Library Staff

If you work in a library, it’s essential to have a working knowledge of the basic technologies used in both the library field in general and in your library specifically. In this course, library technologist Robin Hastings will provide a solid foundation in library software, hardware, and troubleshooting that is appropriate for any library staff member who needs to expand their tech skillset.  

No previous technology experience or specific tech training is required. Students will read a variety of articles, view videos, and engage in assignments and online discussion boards to aid in their learning. Over six weeks, you will learn the fundamentals of technology concepts like the ILS/Catalog and reference databases as well as how to use common software packages. You’ll also learn the basics of hardware troubleshooting and strategies for working effectively with technology staff when needed. Each week will cover a different aspect of library technology.

After completing this eCourse, participants will be able to:

  • Effectively use their ILS/Catalog to find resources for patrons
  • Troubleshoot basic computer and hardware issues
  • Use reference tools and resources to help multiple user groups in the library
  • Help patrons increase digital literacy skills
  • Locate and identify library policies around tech as well as follow policies regarding security and library confidentiality/privacy 
  • Use computers and common software applications to help patrons and create informational resources for them

Robin Hastings is the Library Services Consultant for the Northeast Kansas Library System (NEKLS). In that capacity, she provides technology and consulting on library services to 40+ libraries in the NEKLS region as well as providing management for several state-wide services in Kansas. She has presented all over the world on Cloud Computing, Project Management, Disaster Planning and many other topics. Robin is the author of 4 books on library-related and technology topics as well as several articles in library-related journals.

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