On-Demand Webinar: How to Effectively Market Today's Library

Just as library services and customer expectations have changed since the pandemic, so, too, should our marketing tactics. In this interactive session, two marketing directors will share marketing challenges, strategies, and solutions that staff at all levels can apply to get results. Participants will learn and practice new skills on how to effectively promote the library, such as crafting and customizing a pitch to even the busiest customer "on-the-go". By demonstrating success stories and encouraging others to take the leap, participants will leave imagining what impact they could make by moving beyond the flyer and thinking about new, innovative, and engaging ways to spark customer curiosity in interacting with the library, regardless of their role within the library.

Marketing what the library has to offer is everyone's job, from administrators to frontline staff. This session is geared toward anyone interested in creating a more effective marketing strategy for their library. Tips, tricks, and tools will be shared that can be applied whether you're a decision-maker or a library staff member working directly with customers. While the presenters will speak from their experience working with public libraries, the skills taught and learning outcomes can be applied to a variety of library types.

Building skills to pitch library services include tips, activities, and resources on how to build an effective “elevator pitch.” For example, building a quick script on how to promote the same service to the busy mom on-the-go AND a customer wanting to chat for extended periods of time, and how to tailor library service pitches everywhere from a formal setting to sharing a resource in line at the grocery store. These tips will help library staff in any role, not just marketers, become more comfortable with promoting library services beyond a flyer and to “hook” the customer in a way that will lead to engagement.

Learning Outcomes: 

At the end of this webinar, attendees will be able to:

  • Evaluate and reimagine marketing plans to better educate and engage library customers.
  • Build skills to pitch library services in a way that sparks curiosity and meets customers where they are.
  • Replicate marketing strategies and trainings to coach their own peers and teams.

Who Should Attend: Anyone interested in marketing.


Kelly Sitzman is the Director of Communications & Employee Development for Pioneer Library System in Norman, Oklahoma. She oversees the brand strategy and staff training for PLS’s three-county system. Kelly graduated from the University of Oklahoma in 2015 with an MLIS in Library and Information Studies. Kelly is a graduate of the ALA Leadership Institute, Oklahoma Library Association (OLA) Gold Leadership Institute, and civic leadership programs. She was recognized as OLA's Outstanding New Librarian, awarded "NEXT Under 40" by the Norman Chamber of Commerce’s young professionals group, and named a Journal Record Achiever Under 40. She is the ALA Councilor to the Oklahoma Library Association.

Aiden Street
is Associate Director for Pioneer Library System.

Tech Requirements

Core Webinars are held in Zoom. Speakers or a headset for listening to the presentation are required. Closed captioning is available in the Zoom platform.