The Library in the Middle: Serving Tweens Through Change and Self-Discovery

Young people in the 'tween,' 'preteen,' or 'preadolescent' ages - a group as diverse as the names by which we call them - are experiencing a time of rapid growth and transition. The challenges of puberty are frequently accompanied by big questions about themselves: who they are and how do they fit into the world? How does their background, life experience, family, race, religion, sexuality and gender identity shape their lives? What kind of person do they want to be, and how can they grow into that role? For library workers, it can be challenging to determine where and how this age group best fits into public library service. This class will address preadolescent development and common experiences, and how to apply those concepts to create effective library collection development and programming for tweens. 

Please note: this course meets synchronously on October 6, October 13, October 20 and October 27 at 11:00am CDT.

Learning Outcomes
Participants will:
- understand common characteristics of preadolescent development.
- develop skills to recognize tween library users' needs in your community and design services to meet them.
- develop a plan for implementing or further developing a tween-centered collection for their library. 
- design programming specific to their library/community that promotes the intellectual, social, and emotional health and well-being of tweens.

Instructor Information
Kylie Peters is a public librarian specializing in services for tweens and teens. She works as the Librarian serving middle and high schoolers at Geneva Public Library District in Illinois, is co-manager of the networking group Tween Illinois Librarians (TWILL), and has held several leadership roles with Young Adult Library Service Association (YALSA) and the Illinois Library Association (ILA). She is passionate about building relationships and community, social justice, comics, middle school literature, gaming, technology, and youth and YA reader's advisory. She writes about middle school literature at