Making the Most Out of Free Historical Resources

Due to budget restrictions, purchasing an Adams Matthews or other historical databases may no longer be possible.

This webinar will allow the participant to discover a plethora of primary sources to be provided within an instructional service, reference service desk, or personal consultation with a researcher. The webinar will look at each area of history (America, European and the World) to locate and the usability of resources for those perfect resources to either complete a research paper or ensure faculty success within a future publication. 

The webinar will provide a digital whiteboard for participants to rank and place their thoughts about the accessibility , usability and findability of each expressed resources. Each whiteboard will give a space for the participant to put their ideas in real-time while the presenter is providing the information. Each participant will have shown a link to a research guide with the listed resources and the whiteboard to further their thoughts on implementing these resources to keep the conversation going after the webinar has concluded. 

By the end of this webinar, the participant will be able to:

  • Each participant will identify, formulate, and solve problems by using appropriate information and approaches to locate free historical resources
  • Demonstrate an understanding through a digital quiz distributed in real-time using a QR code during the simultaneous presentation
  • Each participant will synthesize knowledge and use insight and creativity through the digital whiteboard space to better understand how to incorporate free historical resources 

The presenter, Amy Dye-Reeves, is an Associate Education and History Librarian at Texas Tech University