13 Things in Instructional Design for Library Instructors

This online course offers a unique approach to instructional design specifically for library instructors. Using their prior knowledge and the context of their institutions, learners will identify what components of instructional design that are particularly relevant to them and then develop those skills accordingly. 

This four-week course will include asynchronous work culminating in a final project that may be completed individually, in pairs, or in groups. Each week, learners will complete two discrete tasks to expand their understanding of instructional design. For their final product, learners will display their work via a digital gallery walk and offer peer review of their cohort members’ work. Instructors will offer one optional live session per week for a mini-lecture and Q&A, which will be recorded for those who cannot attend. This approach affords the flexibility busy library instructors need to juggle the responsibilities of their everyday work, professional development, and preparing for a busy fall semester. It also provides social presence to the course for learners who thrive on connecting with and learning from their colleagues.       

The preliminary outline of the course is as follows:  
Week 1 - Session 1: ID Overview/Learning Theories & Activities/Introduce Final Project; Session 2: Learning Theories & Activities Continued
Week 2 - Session 3: The ADDIE Model; Session 4: UX Design     
Week 3 - Session 5: Learning Environments; Session 6: Online Teaching Methods     
Week 4 - Session 7: Live Lesson Gallery Walk and peer review of final projects     

Learning Outcomes

  • Define instructional design and understand it in the context of their own work environments
  • Apply four learning theories to their curriculum development and library instruction practice
  • Construct an instructional design document for their own future library instruction


Christopher Lowder, Online Learning Assistant, George Mason University Libraries
Valerie Linsinbigler, Online Learning Specialist, George Mason University Libraries
Janna Mattson, Online Learning Coordinator & Instruction Librarian, George Mason University Libraries

Tech Requirements

A computer with Internet connection is required. Your participation will require approximately 3-5 hours per week of primarily asynchronous activities to:

  • Read the online course materials
  • Post to online discussion boards or participate in optional Zoom chats
  • Complete online exercises and/or final assignment

Participants who complete the course requirements will receive a certificate of completion.

Contact Margot Conahan at mconahan@ala.org with questions or requests for special assistance or accommodations.