Boost Creative Thinking to Serve Kids: The Six Thinking Hats Technique

Are you stuck in a summer reading slump? Are your storytimes feeling stale? Is your library looking for new ways to reach children and families while maximizing your staff’s skills and talents? Sometimes what we need in administrative planning is a new way of thinking! 

Try a proven strategy for streamlining your planning—as a librarian, manager, or administrator—so that your thought processes, discussions, and decision-making produce better results and take less time. Adopt this easy-to-use, fun, and effective new thinking methods tool which reduces the “I’m right, you’re wrong'' tendency. Engage in an activity that explores a problem or situation from multiple angles and thinking modes, collaboratively and productively.

Dorothy Stoltz will lead a demonstration activity of Edward de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats—drawing forth one’s genius to enrich work and life. Six Thinking Hats focuses not on telling you what to think but rather showing you how to think creatively and inclusively.

The Six Thinking Hats is an engaging, yet simple tool that can be used by groups or individuals in small, medium, or large libraries of any type, and with all levels of staff. It is designed to be integrated into staff meetings, project planning, and public program design.

After participating in this session, participants will be able to:

  • Identify at least 2 benefits for using the Six Thinking Hats to provide a more positive approach to how teams and individuals propose solutions.
  • Gain insight into exploring subjects in parallel, rather than argue who is right or wrong.

Dorothy Stoltz is a professional librarian, author, consultant, mentor, and trainer. She is currently serving as a mentor for Core's leadership mentoring program and is on the board of DVA and More (Drug and Violence Awareness). Dorothy has decades of librarianship experience having served as programming and outreach manager and director for community engagement. Dorothy retired as director for community engagement with the Carroll County (MD) Public Library in 2021. She is the lead author of Activate Peer Learning in Your Library and Community (Waldo Publishers 2023) and six books for ALA Editions: Inspired Thinking (2020), Transform and Thrive (2018), Inspired Collaboration (2016), The Power of Play (2015), Tender Topics (2013), and Every Child Ready for School (2013).She firmly believes that both the quality of our thinking and our love of learning are incomplete without the support of each other. Dorothy is owner of Waldo Publishers, LLC, which presents books inspired by the philosophy of Ralph Waldo Emerson to “activate from within.”

This event will be hosted in Zoom. If you have questions or requests regarding accessibility, contact us at or at 312-280-5100.